The STK6 by Skiptracks Ltd. is a revolutionary waste disposal system for the construction and waste industries. The STK6 is a remote controlled tracked device, which transports multiple skips and materials to and from construction sites. The machine was designed to access sites with width and height restrictions, making the STK6 the ideal solution for sites in densely populated city centre locations, sites with narrow laneways, underground car parks, multi-story car parks and sports stadia.

The machine manages construction waste removal on site in a safe, timely and cost efficient manner. It is for these reasons that the STK6 is a welcome addition by the construction and waste industries and has received rave reviews by industry experts.

Sample Uses of the STK6 Trackmate

Skiptracks STK6 Trackmate

Ease of Access

The SKT6 is ideally suited for construction sites with restricted access. e.g. densely populated city centre locations, basement locations and narrow laneways.

Skiptracks STK6 Trackmate

Heavy Loads

The STK6 is powered by a 35 KW Kubota engine and has a safe working load (SWL) of 6 tonne.

Skiptracks STK6 Trackmate

Multiple Skips

The machine delivers stacked skips to site, reducing skip turnaround times, saving you money and keeping your program on track.