What is the STK6?
STK6 is a remote controlled, rubber tracked machine that facilitates the transport of multiple or stacked skips and other bulky building material onto confined and restricted construction sites e.g. underground car parks, city centre locations, narrow lanes, stadia and uneven terrain to name but a few.

What makes the STK6 ideal for confined sites?
Due to its size and mobility, the machine can easily enter otherwise inaccessible sites.

Apart from restricted construction sites, is the STK6 useful on any other sites?
Due its low centre of gravity and maneuverability, the STK6 has been used on rough terrain, uneven sandy beaches and sloped sites.

How can I operate the STK6?
The STK6 is operated by a HBC Radiomatic remote control system.

How is the STK6 powered?
The STK6 Trackmate is powered by a 36 KW Kubota diesel engine

What is the SWL (Safe Working Load)?
The SWL of the STK6 is 6 tonnes/6,000 KG

What skips can it take?
The STK6 can take 4 to 14 cubic yard skips.

Can the STK6 be used onsite for anything else?
Yes, it can be used to transport pallets of plaster board, pallets of bricks and/or blocks, bags of sand and gravel, pallets of cement etc.

Who can operate the STK6?
Any competent person can easily operate the STK6.

Is the STK6 compliant with health and safety regulations?
Yes, the STK6 is fully compliant with health and safety.

How will it benefit my company?
The STK6 can save you time and money.

  • Reduce program times by eliminating doubling handling
  • Easily access restricted or hard to reach sites
  • Bring skips closer to the site waste
  • Can also remove the requirement for skip permits
  • Store multiple skips onsite (stacked)


Where is the STK6 available?
The STK6 is currently available in Ireland, UK and the UAE. The machine can be shipped worldwide, upon request. For more information please contact us

Can Skiptracks provide any other services?
Yes, because of the STK6 design, we can custom build various attachments


If you require additional information please contact Skiptracks